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At M-Kyala Ventures, we are dedicated to creating an ecosystem that fairly represents women at all levels of the entrepreneurial value chain. With over 15 years in the gender lens and inclusion space, we understand the significant impact that results from designing innovative approaches to gender inclusion in entrepreneurship. From designing financial products to gender-inclusive accelerators we can attest to the value derived when women are provided the platform to participate in the decisions that drive their success.

Join us in building a world where women entrepreneurs are equitably supported to succeed: 

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M-kyala Ventures

Gender Equity
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We want to reach 1,000,000 women and girls by 2030 with resources and skills to enable them to thrive as entrepreneurs.
We are building an entrepreneurial ecosystem that will ensure that women and girls view entrepreneurship as a viable pathway to economic and social success in their communities. We want African women to not only start businesses as a survival necessity but as an option that is equitable and where success is measured on their merits as entrepreneurs and not based on gender comparatives.

500+ Women and Girls Impacted

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