15 Years of Vision: Transforming Access to Finance for African Women Entrepreneurs


Our Founding story

At M-Kyala Ventures, our 15 years of experience in the finance sector unveiled a stark reality — the underrepresentation of African women entrepreneurs in accessing funding. This discovery, reinforced by the African Development Bank's estimation of a $42 billion funding gap, fueled our commitment to bridging this divide. After in-depth research and engaging with 60 women across Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania, we identified key bottlenecks: high collateral requirements, limited financial product availability, and gender bias.

Our strategic approach addresses these challenges, supporting organizations through gender lens investing and gender for business practices. We work collaboratively, designing tailored solutions to enable equitable access to opportunities and resources for women in entrepreneurship, employment, consumption, and value chain participation. Our initiatives extend globally, partnering with organizations such as Climate KIC, GIZ, Biovision Foundation, USAID, Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs, and the International Finance Corporation.

Our team brings together diverse expertise, empowering us to drive positive systemic change across various sectors, from climate and agriculture to financial inclusion, health, and education. We pride ourselves on delivering measurable and sustainable value to women entrepreneurs, fostering an inclusive ecosystem that catalyzes their success.

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Join us on a transformative journey

Let’s bridge the financing gap, reshape narratives, and create a future where African women entrepreneurs thrive.

As the project design and implementation partner for the Siemens Stiftung Development Cooperation, M-Kyala Ventures spearheaded the Women in the Green Economy initiative in Kenya. The project aimed at supporting women-led enterprises in climate-smart sectors with growth grants and technical support, propelling women entrepreneurs into the forefront of sustainable business practices.

Supporting the Canada-Africa Innovation Fellowship, M-Kyala Ventures played a key role in selecting innovators from East Africa, with a focus on Uganda and Kenya. This initiative not only fostered innovation but also ensured a gender-integrated approach, recognizing the immense potential of women entrepreneurs in driving impactful projects.

M-Kyala Ventures played a pivotal role in designing and developing the Gender Smart Lending Toolkit through active participation in the Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs. With funding from USAID, the project’s objective is to bolster the capacity of financial institutions in increasing access to finance for women entrepreneurs. Learn more about this transformative initiative at GS Africa.

M-Kyala Ventures conducted a comprehensive research study on the role of women in agro ecology, examining various agro ecology enterprises and their impact on women across the agricultural value chain. Our team also developed a gender strategy outlining priorities and strategies for integrating gender into key activities and processes.

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