Founder, CEO

Carolyne Kirabo

About Carolyne Kirabo

As founder and CEO Carolyne leads the overall company strategy. She has more than 15 years of experience working at the intersection of entrepreneurship, investment, and management consulting.

About Carolyne Kirabo

Carolyne’s passion is to contribute to an enabling environment that will see more African women entrepreneurs accessing capital and opportunities to start and grow successful businesses.

Carolyne Kirabo is a recognized professional with 15 years of expertise in investment finance, management consulting, and strategy. Combining this expertise with her passion for increasing financial inclusion for women entrepreneurs, Carolyne recently founded M-Kyala Ventures.

Prior to launching M-Kyala Ventures, Carolyne was an Investment Director at Mango Fund Inc. and Yunus Social Business, pioneering impact investment funds in East Africa, and an Investment principal with Mercy Corps Ventures, the impact investing arm of Mercy Corps.

During her work, she successfully designed and implemented gender-smart strategies that ensured that women as entrepreneurs and active contributors in business value chains received relevant financial and non-financial support. Some of these strategies included integrating gender considerations across investment processes, designing pre and post-investment support for women-led businesses, and designing impact management strategies to increase value to women in business value chains. 

Before working in Impact Investing, Carolyne founded a boutique management consulting firm, Stations Consulting Limited where she supported 25+ SMEs with strategy development and business planning. 80% of which were female-owned.

Carolyne is actively involved in several gender equality initiatives across the world including, the Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs Gender Equality Initiative, The Boardroom Africa, Women in Africa Investment, and Lionesses of Africa.

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