At M-Kyala Ventures, we redefine the contours of gender lens investing, forging impactful partnerships with investors and financial institutions. Our commitment extends beyond financial transactions to a holistic approach that transforms how capital flows.

With a proven track record in sustainable investing, our team navigates fund management, strategy development, and the nuanced structuring of investment vehicles. By unlocking access to capital for women entrepreneurs and SMEs, we not only drive positive financial outcomes but also catalyze social and environmental change.

Our gender lens investing strategies are meticulous, integrating intentional approaches that consider gender factors at every step. We collaboratively support funds, grant makers, and financial service providers—both existing and emerging—in crafting strategies that channel capital towards women entrepreneurs and businesses championing gender-inclusive models. 

Through this collaborative effort, we contribute to fostering a more equitable and sustainable financial ecosystem.

Collaborative Approach:

Project Highlights

Investors and Financial Institutions